Google - GCP Tricks - How to ...

Google - GCP Tricks - How to ... 


Setup VPN connectivity via the Direct Connect to GCP (Firewalled one way initiated traffic from on-prem to GCP)

Folder / Project structure create via best practice.

2 factor authentication to GCP console.

Enable SSO to local AD or NIS. 

Disable API access via chrome to Google storage.

Secure GCP org, internet via firewall.  Shared VPC for most projects, that disables direct internet access. Setup proxy for permitted internet access by ip / port / dest URL.

Setup an example of syncing a GCP storage bucket to an internal filesystem

Help in editing an existing condor template to customize a condor pool startup. Advise on an autobuild of OS image via internal puppet setup.



Here are some links to help you get started with Google Cloud Platform services.


Read the Google Cloud Platform documentation on Google Compute Engine.

Read about Google Cloud Platform Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).



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