Docker - Notes

Docker Container: 

  • Container can start in seconds.
  • Container use few resources space/memory.
  • Container is a running instance of an image.
  • Image is a template.
  • Image contains OS, Software, Application all bundle up in a file.
  • Image is define using a docker file which is just a text file that contains list of step that are required to create the image. For example: configure OS install software, copy project files. 

Docker File -> Image -> Container


Install Docker 

Downlaod Docker for Mac:

Download Docker for Windows:

check if docker is installed. 

$ docker --version

$ docker-compose --version

$ docker-machine --version


Open a command-line terminal and test that your installation works by running the simple Docker image, hello-world:

$ docker run hello-world


Check Version:


To try something more ambitious, you can run an Ubuntu container with:

 $ docker run -it ubuntu bash



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