AWS - Rundeck config



US EAST - Ohio Region

Amazon Linux 2 AM (HVM), SSH VOlume Type - ami-0303c7b2e7066b60d

sudo su - 

yum update -y

cat /etc/os-release # for old Aamazon AMI use following : cat /etc/redhat-release # FYI only not needed. 
cat /etc/hosts # FYI only .. not needed. 
ip a # will show you internal IP address of the system. FYI only


rpm -ivh
yum install java -y
java -version
yum install rundeck -y
yum upgrade rundeck rundeck-config
vi /etc/rundeck/
configure using internal IP address.
/etc/init.d/rundeck start
systemctl enable rundeckd
/sbin/chkconfig rundeckd on
/sbin/chkconfig rundeckd on
tail -f /var/log/rundeck/service.log # look for message " Rundeck is ACTIVE " 
netstat -nltp |grep 4440

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