WHM - Security and Virus Scanning

Security and Virus Scanning in WHM


The Quick Security Scan and ClamAV features scan for viruses and security weaknesses. After you identify a potential security threat, these features will prompt you to take the appropriate action.


Quick Security Scan

The Quick Security Scan feature in WHM (Home >> Security Center >> Quick Security Scan) scans for vulnerabilities, such as Trojans, on your server. We strongly recommend that you use this feature often.

Important: The following items, as well as similar items, are not Trojans:

  • /sbin/depmod
  • /sbin/insmod
  • /sbin/modinfo

Note: A [FAILED] error message generally means that the scanner attempted to shut down a service that was already offline.


ClamAV Scanner

Clam AntiVirus (Home >> Plugins >> Configure ClamAV Scanner) is an antivirus software toolkit that is standard on new cPanel & WHM installations.

For more information about Clam AntiVirus in cPanel & WHM, read our Configuring ClamAV Scannerarticle.

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