Use wget command - Linux


Download just one file


Specify the folder where to save the downloaded fil
wget -P /home/user


Save the file with a different name
wget -O another-name.jpg


Ignore SSL Certificate Errors:

wget --no-check-certificate


Limit the bandwidth
wget --limit-rate=20k


limit rate and run it in background
wget -cb --limit-rate=25K
-c will continue any interrupted download from the place it was left. -b will start wget in background (the PID will be informed when it starts) –limit-rate will limit the speed or bandwidth available for wget.


Resume interrupted download
wget -c


Download files in a batch (from a file that has all urls)
wget -i files-to-download.txt


Create a local copy of a site for local browsing
wget -m -k -E -p -np

-m Makes a mirror copy of the site
-k Convert all links to relative, so they can be used locally
-E Add extensions to extensionless files in order to work, some pretty uri sites does not show the extension of the files
-p Download all page requisites like jss css files, otherwise the site will not work properly
-np Limits the download to only go down in folders, does not follow links to upper folders, if you want to download just a portion of the site this comes handy.





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